What is a CrossFit Bootcamp Program?

There are no fancy gimmicks or names for our bootcamp programs. We are a CrossFit gym that offers a results-proven bootcamp program. We provide a program that will teach skill, allow you to grow, and allow you to have measurable and trackable results.

Each bootcamp class is programed through a 12 week cycle for specific types of training and results. We are a teaching gym that wants you to learn to workout and train. We don’t do millions of lunges and 5 miles of running around the building. From skilled athletes to beginners we welcome every skill level. As a 2,000 square foot gym, community is very important to us. Our programs allow for indoor bootcamp opportunities as well a fun and games outdoors. Come check out our bootcamp programs at CFWM! 

Bootcamp meets:

Monday – 9:30 AM (Indoors) | 6:30 PM (Outdoors)
Tuesday – 9:30 AM (Indoors) | 6:30 PM (Outdoors)
Wednesday – 9:30 AM (Indoors)
Thursday – 9:30 AM (Indoors) | 6:30 PM (Outdoors)
Friday – 9:30 AM (Indoors)


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